Swimming in June Means Starting Your Pool This Winter

Swimming in June Means Starting Your Pool This Winter

As the temps in Middle Tennessee dip into the 20s, it’s hard to imagine taking a dip in your brand-new swimming pool. While we certainly agree that the chilly winter months aren’t ideal for swimming laps, the winter season is optimal for actually building the pool.

Basically, if you’re anticipating jumping in starting in June, you’d better break ground sooner than later.

The process for turning your outdoor space into an oasis, complete with a swimming pool, is one that requires months of planning, permitting, and building. While we will whet your appetite with the plans, we can guarantee you that you won’t be drowning in the details.

Our team of experienced professionals will drive the process completely, while minimizing disruptions and downtime. We employ a process that is proven to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Consult | Milosi Pool

Our design team will sit down with you to discuss your dream outdoor oasis. Milosi Landscape is a full-service, elite landscape company with core competencies in outdoor living, landscape, maintenance, so although we will consult you regarding your pool, we will be able to also address any elements that can accompany the swimming pool.

For example, we can provide you with outdoor living options that are ideal complements to a swimming pool area, including outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces or firepits, and more.

Once we have a handle on your needs and vision, our team will move into the design phase.

Design | Milosi Pool

During design, we will bring your vision to life through plans and drawings that depict the shape and style of your swimming pool, and will address any custom water features that you’d like to include. Our design team will visit your site to take exact measurements and to assess the space to determine what will work best.

At Milosi, we place a strong emphasis on the entire surrounding landscape in order to create a true outdoor oasis that is cohesive, aesthetically appealing, and functional.

Our team leaves no detail overlooked. We can create a pool that really sets your outdoor space apart by addressing special lighting that will dazzle when illuminated, design elements that will create a custom look and feel, and finishes that will bring a rich, luxe appeal to your pool.

Working with a landscape architect to design your pool will ensure that your entire landscape vision is maintained. While a pool contractor may simply address the build, a designer is adept at creating a plan that will stand the test of time by marrying classic and innovative design techniques and high-quality materials that are meant for longevity.

Our design team works hand in hand with our installers, and once you’re in love with the design that we’ve created together, we will move into our build phase.

Build | Milosi Pool

The average build time is about 6-10 weeks. Due to permitting constraints in certain areas, the timeline may be impacted. The length of the project dictates that if you’re planning on swimming in the spring and summer, you should start the project during the winter months.

Our designers and landscape architects will meet with our installers and project managers to create a project schedule for your build. We will discuss the details and work together to effectively and efficiently manage your project from ground-breaking to dive-in day.

We are excited to help you make your swimming pool dreams a reality in time for the warm weather seasons! Contact the team at Milosi Landscape today and let us create something amazing for you! Call today: 615-264-0577.