The Key to Getting What You Want- Goal Setting for 2017

Sitting down to write my goals for a new year is like a second Christmas to me…seriously! It’s the end of 2016 and I cannot wait to write down my goals for 2017.    I immediately begin executing the plans attached to each goal:  family, business, personal, spiritual, community, etc.   LEARNING TO SET GOALS…

Tulips in Tennessee (TNT) = Dynamite Spring Color!

  October 1st thru December 15th is the optimum time to plant fall bulbs.  The bloom time might be brief, but what an impact tulips make when they emerge in the Spring!  Tulips are favorites for beginner gardeners and master gardeners alike.  Because they are so easy to plant, many gardeners like to use their…


Nashville.  The real estate market is hot.  The chicken is hot. And the weather is hot…no kidding, my hair is frizzing as I write. And while there’s not much we can do to control Mother Nature, there are ways to control skyrocketing energy costs by landscaping property around your home.   According to the Department of…

“Growing Beautiful Together”- By Defining Our Culture

  When Bill Petry coined what would become our Mission Statement in 2014, many of us in the planning session that day sat in stunned silence.  You could tell by the look on our faces that he had “hit the nail on the head”. We wanted to grow a business, grow our culture, grow customers,…

Container Gardening Made Easy!!

  Three EASY words:  THRILLER, FILLER AND SPILLER.  If you can remember these three funny words, you can master container gardening!!   This is going to be another beautiful Spring weekend.   In Nashville, there are pop- up annual shops everywhere, and great selections at Home Depot and Lowe’s.  Don’t forget your neighborhood nurseries, too! Here is…

Milosi works with home builders to beautify new properties.

Milosi has been working with local, custom home builders to provide complete landscape beautification packages. On a recent project we installed irrigation, lighting, plants, and seasonal color. We are now maintaining the property with our maintenance services.

Seasonal Color at Servpro

Our latest backyard transformation!

View from the Field

Backyard transformed into a beautiful outdoor oasis.

This project featured in the April 2014 Issue of Belle Meade Living. Download PDF