A Growth Process for Landscape and Outdoor Living

A Growth Process for Landscape and Outdoor Living

At Milosi, we truly believe in the power of a well-designed and perfectly executed landscape plan. We have seen firsthand the dramatic transformation of a property that can happen when we apply our growth process to your outdoor space.

We are more than your typical lawn care team. We are a crew of horticulturists, landscape architects, installers, and maintenance professionals, and we build relationships with our clients that allow us to grow beautiful together.

Here, we’re breaking down the elements of our growth process that are key to developing a landscape plan that will provide both aesthetic and functional appeal to your property.

Consult | Milosi Landscape Growth Process

The first step in our process is to consult. This is an important phase and the foundation for all that we will do for a client. We take our time getting to know you, and we meet with you personally, on-site, to help you visualize your dreams. It’s in this meeting that we can discuss budget and assist you in realizing what can be done to enhance your outdoor space.

We will review our landscape services, which include a design plan for your outdoor space, seasonal color, landscape installation, landscaping to surround your pool or be incorporated into your outdoor living space, and landscape maintenance.

Design | Milosi Landscape Growth Process

From there, we will take our conversations about your dream outdoor space and make them a reality. We’ll assemble a design plan and present that to you, so that you can see what we have in mind for your space. We’ll implement landscaping and outdoor living spaces, and will already have a plan in place for maintenance.

Our landscape plan will likely include lush, traditional green spaces marked by artistic yet functional hardscaping. We can incorporate elements that include retaining walls, pathways, patios, pavers, landscape lighting, and more. The plants we choose will be hearty and designed to flourish in our Middle Tennessee climate, and our maintenance plan will protect them and provide the nourishment they’ll need to grow strong, year after year.

In addition to landscaping, we will address outdoor living, if desired. Here, we can talk about bringing your vision for an outdoor kitchen to life, whether it be a complete working kitchen or a built-in grilling station. We can bring in an outdoor fireplace or firepit for warmth and light, and ensure that your outdoor living areas are highlighted with landscape lighting. Water features can be implemented to eliminate noise or provide a relaxing atmosphere, and we may propose a pergola to provide shade and interest.

Build | Milosi Landscape Growth Process

We will collaborate on the design plan until approved by you, and then our team will do the heavy lifting. Literally! We will handle all project management and work for the build-out of your dream landscape. Our crews are adept and considerate, and both quality and customer experience are key priorities for our team.

Not only are our craftsmen skilled, they are also creative problem solvers and can handle any issues that may arise.

Our mission is to provide you with a transformation transition that seems seamless, and you can count on our crews to respect your space throughout the process.

Maintain | Milosi Landscape Growth Process

Once you have your landscape plan in place and the design executed on your property, it’s imperative to protect your investment. A landscape is a living, breathing thing and proper, regular care is required.

At Milosi, our clients rely on us to maintain their outdoor oasis, and we are proud of the reputation that we’ve earned regarding outstanding service and customer care. Take a look at our portfolio to view some of the work that we’ve done for our residential maintenance clients.

We work from a menu of horticulture services that allows us to build a customized maintenance program for your home or business, ensuring that your landscape is getting the exact attention it needs. In addition to residential maintenance, we also handle commercial landscape maintenance.

Our crews are prompt and courteous, and our clients become our family. Providing you with the most consistent service, carried out by a crew that really cares and backed by best in class support is paramount to our success. And we don’t take this lightly.

We use a state-of-the-art software program to track your project, log issues from the field, and address concerns in real time. Satellite site maps with detailed notes are utilized to communicate internally regarding your customized care plan, and our Customer Relationship Managers audit properties monthly to ensure quality and take note of preventative care needs.

Our growth process affords us the opportunity to care for our clients and their landscapes well. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can grown beautiful together, our team is standing by. Contact us today for a consultation!