Upcoming Service | Turf Aeration and Over seeding

Dates of Service:  September 7th – October 31st

What will be done during the service?

“TURF AERATION & OVERSEEDING” includes: core aeration using walk behind and tow behind aerating equipment, seeding using a premium fescue seed broadcast at a five pounds per one thousand square foot rate. You will also notice that your lawn will be mowed at a lower height. The reason we do that is to prep the sod for the seed and also allow us to stay off the lawn for several weeks after seeding to allow proper seed germination. If you have irrigation seasonal adjustment service with us we will come out ahead of crews and mark irrigation heads to prevent damage. We will also adjust the clock for proper watering run times for optimal seed production.

How will I know my service is complete?

Our team will leave a ticket at the time of aeration and seeding to let you know your property has been completed. You may notice some small dirt plugs throughout the lawn as well.

What do I do if I have a question about the service or I’m interested in adding additional services to my contract?

If you don’t currently have this service in your agreement or have questions,  No Problem!  Give your CRM a call. 

Kevin Koehler (Commercial Accounts) 615-674-0199

Daniel Shoap (Commercial Accounts) 615-981-5143

Benjamin Harwood (Sumner County Residential) 615-626-3100

Dustin Beck (Davidson and Williamson County Residential ) 615-670-4167

Office (615) 264-0577

Have a fantastic day!