Upcoming Services | Residential Mulching

The Milosi team is preparing to begin our Spring Residential Mulch Service. Here is some information we wanted to share before we get started.

Dates of Services:
February 22nd – April 30th

What will be done during this service?

Our team will come out to the property, clean out all the beds from weeds. We will redefine the edge of the beds to insure there is a neat and clean appearance and then we will install the appropriate amount of contracted mulch to all beds included in your service agreement. We will leave with the beds looking great for the spring!!

Is there anything I need to do before or after this service

There is nothing that needs to be done on your end unless you have a time that you need this service completed by. If this is something you need, please reach out to your Client Relationship Manager to get scheduled.

How will I know when my service is complete?

Our team will leave a service ticket at the time of mulching to let you know your property has been completed.

What do I do if I have questions about the service or I’m interested in adding additional services to my contract? 

If you have questions, No problem! Give your CRM a call.

Sumner County: Benjamin Harwood (615) 626-3100

Davidson/ Williamson County: Jeff Portelli (615) 670-4067

Inclement Weather Warning:
If there is inclement weather, our schedule must be adjusted. We will do everything in our power to get all properties serviced in the event of inclement weather.