Milosi is a family company, so it’s no secret that our team members are all about family- both at work and home. This week’s Core Value Award Recipient is Deysi! Her daughter, Carla, is why Deysi is inspired to show up and give her best each day. It means so much to Deysi to make her daughter proud. Her favorite thing about working for Milosi is providing for Carla and creating meaningful moments together.

Deysi came to our company in April 2016 as a Crew Member. Over the last four years, Deysi has exemplified our core values, connected with customers, and inspired other team members. She earned a promotion as a Crew Leader in March of this year. One thing she appreciates about being a Crew Leader is no two days are the same. Some days are busier than others, and every property requires a unique set of problem-solving skills to get the most out of it.

Deysi enjoys trimming and pruning best. Removing the dead debris and giving the plants new life can really transform the feel of a property. She likes to take a moment at each job site and absorb every element of the landscape. Seeing every detail perfectly groomed and in place gives her a great deal of satisfaction. It makes her feel fulfilled to know she’s using her talents to make a difference.

Landscaping and leading a crew of experts is not where Deysi’s talents end. She is also a masterful chef! She loves to cook for her family and friends. When she’s not creating culinary masterpieces, she loves to watch her favorite movie, “Three Steps Above Heaven.” Deysi uses her craftsmanship skills for refining landscapes and also for sewing clothes in her spare time. She envisions her next step in her career is to become a Spray Technician. She is enamored with every aspect of plant health and appreciates any element that can improve the look and the health of a yard. 

“Yesterday was good but today is even better,” is the quote that keeps Deysi motivated. Each day is filled with new possibilities and new hope. She uses each day to dream big and work hard, not just for herself but also for her family and her team. We’re so glad she’s committed to making every day better than the day before, and it’s evident in all the properties she touches. We’re so proud to have her on our team and can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring! Go get ’em, Deysi!