This week’s Core Value Award Recipient is Javier! Javier is our expert Spray Technician who focuses on turf and plants’ health and aesthetics. Javier was browsing for career opportunities in October of 2018 when he saw a hiring post from Milosi. He had no experience in landscaping, but he took a chance and applied anyway. He was hired the same day!

Javier joined our team as a crew member, inquisitive about plant health and lawn maintenance. New to the industry, he was eager to absorb every detail he could to leave an expert stamp on each property he serviced. As he accrued more knowledge, he initiated the next step in his career and became a Certified Spray Technician.

Javier’s favorite thing about being a Spray Technician is the gratification he gets from seeing lawns flourish. In as little as two weeks, he can impact the look of a yard significantly. His favorite time of the year is aeration and overseeding season. During this time he can see dramatic transformations because of all the hard work he puts in. It’s like performing plant miracles each day for our customers. Just when you thought your turf had no hope for recovery, here comes Javier to save the day!

As he continues to master maintenance techniques, he aspires to become a manager at Milosi. Being fluent in two languages, he can communicate and relate with team members from multiple backgrounds. He also has an interest in design. Javier’s eye for detail isn’t limited to plant health. He wants to learn about all facets of outdoor living and spaces from start to finish.

When he’s not working 10 hour days for Milosi, he dreams of traveling to New Zealand. His favorite food is Menudo. Javier’s favorite movie is Happy Gilmore, which makes perfect sense if you’ve ever had the pleasure to meet him. Javier is an unmatched and undeniable source of joy and laughter to our team. We’re so happy to have Javier on our team and the commitment he brings to our clients! Thank you for continuing to raise the bar, Javier! You and all your talents are appreciated!