They say the best love stories never end, and that’s how we feel about this week’s Core Value Award Recipient, Rob! Rob began with us in 2012 after he found us on Craigslist.

Like any meaningful love story, sometimes you have to explore options to find your best fit. Rob has left the company on 2 separate occasions, but there’s something about Milosi that keeps pulling him back. Maybe it’s the twinkle of Taylor’s eyes. Maybe it’s just meant to be. We like to think the third time’s a charm. 

To know Rob is to know his sense of humor is infectious. If Rob is in your midst, you have a smile on your face. As one of our expert technicians, he spends most of his day problem-solving. He is constantly presented with various tasks, and he continues to think strategically to resolve them. As he innovates solutions, his passion is sharing those outcomes with other team members.

Rob sees himself coaching and mentoring others in the years ahead. His enthusiasm creates an environment where crew members can continue to grow beautifully.  Rob’s enthusiasm is fueled by caffeine and the satisfaction of helping others accomplish their goals.

He is a man of many talents, although he has refused to disclose his favorite hidden one. Rob is a huge Star Trek fan, and his favorite quote is, “Do or do not. There is no try.” When it comes to being the expert, Rob is always on the side of “do.” He is most proud of how Milosi has grown over the years, and the feeling is mutual. We look forward to “happily ever after” with him on our team! Congratulations, Rob.