If you need any book recommendations, be sure to ask this week’s Core Value Award recipient, Salvador! Salvador loves to read! His favorite books are ones that focus on business, productivity, and motivation. He uses informative literature not just to improve himself but also to inspire others.

Salvador first fell in love with reading growing up in Waco, Texas. The written works of authors helped him expand his vocabulary. As a student, he always excelled naturally at math and science but wanted to increase his English proficiency. Books advanced his extensive knowledge and also made him a more effective communicator. 

When he relocated to Nashville at the age of 10, Salvador started exploring the outdoors and developed a passion for all things lawn care. Upon graduating high school, he knew immediately he was ready to launch his career in landscaping. Salvador first started with Milosi in 2014 as a Maintenance Crew Member. After working for Milosi for a few years, he transitioned to another company to gain additional outdoor living construction experience. Salvador returned to Milosi as a Maintenance Foreman in February of this year. Because of the construction expertise he gained outside of the company, he recently transitioned to a Foreman in Training within the Milosi Construction team. 

His favorite thing about Milosi is the company culture. He says he feels valued as a member of the team. His favorite core value is “We listen because we care,” because he feels listening is essential to making any business successful. When people are heard and their feedback is taken seriously, they reflect it in their work. While Salvador enjoys offering his own thoughts and perspective, his preferred thing is listening to other team members. Being fluent in both English and Spanish allows him to have meaningful conversations with everyone within the company. He takes pride in being a translator and communicating essential information within the organization. 

Salvador begins his day at 4:00 am- with the help of coffee and the anticipation of what the day brings. He enjoys maintenance at Milosi because it has a very routine formula, and he enjoys seeing properties flourish. His transition to Construction is a welcomed challenged because he also enjoys variety. Salvador likes reading construction plans and layouts because they’re in-depth and complex. It’s a pleasure seeing drawings on paper come to life! 

When he’s not hard at work, Salvador spends time with his wife and their 10-month old son, Salvador III. As a family, they appreciate spending time outside in nature, fishing, going to parks, and taking walks. He loves his mother’s home cooking- especially her carnitas! The one book he can read over and over is “Inquebrantables” `by Daniel Habif. He’s also an accomplished soccer player. He thought about pursuing a career in soccer but knew landscaping was the only career for him! Congratulations, Salvador! We’re so happy you chose to grow beautiful with Milosi!