This quarter, we are highlighting our team members who live out our core values in their work, day in and day out. Team members nominate fellow team members based on behaviors they observe at our office locations and in the field at properties we service. Our core values drive our culture. They are succinct ideas that embody what is most important to us. 

Our Core Value’s Award Recipient this week is Yolanda! Yolanda launched her career with Milosi in March of 2019. While she’s always had a passion for plants, she never envisioned a job in landscaping. When she first joined our team as a Crew Member, she was looking for a way to provide for her family. Yolanda’s three daughters keep her motivated each day to give her best.

Her morning starts promptly at 5:00 am on most days. Often, she leaves for work before the sun is even fully visible in the sky. But her dedication for her fellow team members and clients, coupled with her competitive drive, make the early mornings well worth it.  

In a male-dominated field, Yolanda is proud to be a woman in landscaping. While women are underrepresented and often underestimated in the industry, Yolanda is not only doing the work- but she is excelling at it. And she’s not done yet. Her favorite thing about Milosi is learning more about different aspects of design, construction, and plant health. The endless possibilities inspire her to keep going in her role because she is confident she is well prepared for her next position within the company.

Aside from her work and her family, Yolanda’s favorite thing to do is writing her friends and extended family members, encouraging letters, and sharing the Word of God. She believes there are no barriers to sharing God’s word. As a woman of profound faith, being obedient to God’s will for her life not only blesses Yolanda but others as well.

We are so proud that she has chosen to grow beautiful with Milosi and continue to exhibit our organization’s heart every day. Let’s keep growing!