Dip Your Toes Into Outdoor Luxury: Diving Into Pool Design

Dip Your Toes Into Outdoor Luxury: Diving Into Pool Design

Milosi’s custom pool design can bring your dream for your outdoor space to life. As licensed contractors, we build custom pool designs for homeowners all across Middle Tennessee with the end in mind.

Our focus on design sets us apart from other pool builders. That’s because we want to give you more than just a pool. We want to build an outdoor oasis for you and your family right in your backyard.

With Milosi, you can dream big when you imagine your custom pool. This fall, we want to show you the possibilities for your space. Autumn is a great time to start designing your pool project. You won’t be utilizing your outdoor space during the chilly fall and winter months. So, starting a project in the backyard in the winter won’t disrupt warm-weather activities.

By starting your pool design project in the fall, you have plenty of time to work through the design and build. This means you can get to enjoying your pool in the summers to come.

Pool designs can include water features, spa features, jet automation, smart technology, and more. When you build a pool with our team, the design process allows us to combine features to create a complete outdoor space just for you.

What goes into our pool designs? Dive into Milosi’s detailed design process to see what we can create for you.

Pool Design: It All Starts with Surveying

Milosi’s detailed design process always starts with surveying. It takes a thoughtful, planned approach to create a functional and beautiful pool.

Our surveying process assesses your property lines, grading, and drainage to ensure that no important details are overlooked. We keep in mind important factors like the water source, precipitation influence, filtration systems, water types, and privacy for your pool from the beginning of our design.

This allows us to create pool designs that complement the unique lifestyle and dreams for each of our clients.

Customized Features: Personalized Pool Design

Technology has created automated water features, filtration, and lighting options to make the upkeep and customization of your pool as easy as downloading an app. Additionally, we can work with you to determine what features and customizations will make your pool perfect for your lifestyle and preferences.

If you want to use your pool as a beautiful water feature alongside nighttime outdoor entertainment, custom lighting and water features like waterfalls and fountains can create an ambient and elegant aesthetic for your outdoor space.

For a family-friendly swimming pool, consider a custom-designed deck with plenty of space and shade.

No matter what you dream up, call Milosi and let us bring your vision for your pool design to life: 615-334-8659. Because we’re a one-stop shop for creating a dream backyard in Middle Tennessee, Milosi offers services to complete your entire project from surveying up until your first swim.