Digging Into Our Annual Landscape Maintenance Cycle

When you invest in the design of your outdoor space, it’s wise to implement a landscape maintenance plan to protects and promote your investment. Milosi’s landscape maintenance program goes farther than regular mowing. It takes an experienced horticulturist to continually monitor the health of your plants, and plant health is a major concern in maintaining the beauty of your outdoor living area.

The Benefits of Landscape Maintenance

The benefits of landscape maintenance are immense. Our plans include regular mulching, fertilizing, pruning, trimming, irrigation maintenance, and pest control, among other initiatives.

However, the benefits to having a landscape maintenance professional handling the regular care of your lawn go further than the practical aspects.

Mulching and fertilizing create soil conditions that will allow your landscape design to thrive. Pruning and trimming allow for healthy new growth. Irrigation maintenance keeps your plants properly watered in each season. Pest control keeps destructive insects and animals out of your outdoor space. And the list goes on.   

A Skilled Team of Professionals

Bringing a skilled team to your property on a regular basis ensures that your landscape is receiving the attention it needs to thrive. Without proper and regular maintenance, your investment in landscaping could become dollars down the drain.

However, not all landscape maintenance professionals are properly equipped for the job. With other landscape companies, we have heard of homeowners running into project management issues, communication problems, and unprofessional work. 

Conversely, Milosi’s landscape maintenance clients experience top-of-the-line service and an elite standard of work. Our teams care for each property with careful attention to detail, anticipating issues and addressing problems as they go. Our team includes a Customer Relationship Manager that acts on your behalf, and manages the project professionally, so you don’t have to.

A Dependable Schedule

At Milosi, we maintain luxury landscapes on a dependable schedule, in alignment with our horticulture calendar. Our horticulture calendar is an annual schedule of seasonally-appropriate landscape maintenance services. We provide these landscape maintenance services to each of our clients, including those under residential landscape maintenance plans, HOA landscape maintenance plans, and commercial landscape maintenance programs. 

The annual maintenance cycle keeps our maintenance clients’ spaces in top condition.

A Yearly Seasonal Maintenance Cycle 

In addition to monthly maintenance, each season calls for different maintenance processes to optimize the health and presentation of your landscaping and plants. Our maintenance cycle is strategically organized to ensure that your landscape is receiving seasonally-appropriate care as well as standard mowing, hedging, trimming and irrigation maintenance. 

Spring Maintenance

In the spring, we focus on pruning, mulching and seasonal color in addition to regular turf maintenance. In February and March, we plan our seasonal color designs to bring spring color into your outdoor space. The simple addition of bright annuals and perennials to your yard make a big impact: seasonal color is a great way to add light and vibrancy to your home. 

Additionally, pruning removes old growth to prepare your plants for the growing season. Trees, shrubs and other plants benefit from yearly pruning to encourage beautiful new growth throughout the spring. 

Summer Maintenance

In the summer, we continue to focus on mulching, which boosts not only your curb appeal, but also the health of your plants. Mulch retains water and insulates the soil, keeping your plants moist and protecting them from overheating and drying out throughout the summer. 

Mulching also prevents root competition by discouraging weeds from creeping into your landscape designs. 

We also focus on pest control in the summertime, especially in the early summer before the height of pest season. Careful assessment of your plants and regular check-ins on your property allow us to provide tailored treatments to your landscape. 

Finally, in the summer months, we address aeration to improve soil drainage and keep your turf growing thick and green into the late fall. 

Fall Maintenance

In the fall, we work on overseeding, which is a method of seeding over an existing lawn to encourage new grass to grow. Established lawns produce less grass over time, and become more susceptible to becoming thin or brown or taking on weeds. 

By overseeding, we promote prolonged color in your lawn into the winter months and encourage germination for a thicker summer lawn the following year. 

We also trim back hedging that grew throughout the summer for a neat look throughout the cooler months. 

Winter Maintenance

In winter, we ensure that your irrigation systems are winterized in advance of the first frost so water doesn’t freeze in and damage your irrigation pipes. We also make sure your plants are pruned for spring growth and ready for a winter without weeds. 

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