Five EASY Easter Centerpieces You Can Make This Weekend!

Five EASY Easter Centerpieces You Can Make This Weekend!

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Centerpiece 1:  Chocolate Bunnies and Colored Eggs

Super simple!  You can use a glass compote, a small baking dish, an urn, or any oblong container.  Fill the base with green florist foam.   The “grass” used here is actually HERBS!  Not only will this smell wonderful at the table, it will look pretty too.  Add a real (or “permanent’ chocolate bunny, real hard boiled colored eggs, and ribbon!  Easy and elegant!

easter centerpiece with carrots

Centerpiece 2:  Carrots in a Glass Hurricane

My mother made this last Easter for our dessert table.  This couldn’t be easier!  Buy bulk carrots with stems.  YOU CAN EITHER SCRAPE THE CARROTS or WASH AND TRIM OFF ANY DARK PIECES.  Add water to your hurricane and voila!  Centerpiece is fun and entertaining!  Great for kids!


Centerpiece 3:  Resurrection Sunday

Ok, this is my favorite…did I say I love it??  I love this idea!  Even if you don’t have time to plant the rye seed THIS YEAR, SAVE THIS BLOG POST FOR NEXT EASTER!  This is too good of an idea NOT to do!   Using a dish garden, fill with potting soil.  The “open tomb” is actually a small pot.  Place it on it’s side, filling it partially with the potting soil, and cover the top of the pot with potting soil.   The pot serves as support to build a hill.

In the front of the pot, use small pebbles, but use a larger river stone in front of the pot and position it as if it has been “rolled away”.  Plant the rye grass in the potting soil and it will sprout in 7 to 10 days.  The rugged crosses ares simply sticks hot glued together as the 3 crosses at Golgotha.  This is an EXCELLENT family project!

easter centerpiece with Peeps

Centerpiece 4:  Gerber Daisies and Peeps!

So simple and fun! Here’s the secret to this creative centerpiece…use a smaller iced tea glass or tall glass cylinder INSIDE the larger glass cylinder.  You can add water to keep the gerber daisies fresh and the stems are hidden by the Peeps!  There will be space between the two glass cylinders.  Carefully place your bunny Peeps between them.  Add the gerber daisies to the smaller iced tea container and use wooden skewers for more bunny Peeps in the floral arrangement.

easter centerpiece from Southern Living

Centerpiece 5:  Southern Living’s Elegant Centerpiece

Moss can be found at your craft stores and some of your home improvement stores.  Cover your planter with moss or look for moss basket hangers at your local nursery.  Plant varieties of ferns, pansies, and English ivy.  Add white chocolate (real or “permanent” to your dish garden and you’ve created a sweet vignette that you can enjoy all spring!

Wishing you a beautiful Easter!!  All of us here at ELITE LANDSCAPE CO.!!