It’s 10 Degrees! 5 Questions To Ask About Lawn Care In the Heart of Winter

  There is a common misconception that all landscape companies take the winter off and spend it in the Caribbean.   While it is true that we’re not typically mowing lawns, there is still so much to do to keep your properties beautiful year round!  To ensure a healthy lawn, quality turf care starts BEFORE the growing season.    February is actually one of our busiest months in the outdoor maintenance business.      

Here are five (5)  questions to ask during the month of January:

  1. Do I need an initial clean up for my property? 
Did you lose limbs from ice storms?  Does your property have leaves?   Excessive leaf matter on your lawn is bad for several reasons.  First, it will smother the grass and it could prohibit growth.  Secondly, it can promote the snow mold disease.  Finally, turf damage from moles, mice, and small animals can be more extensive in the spring. 
  1. Do I need tree work?
Nashville and its surrounding suburbs have plenty of beautiful trees.  It’s important to assess your trees for health.  Do you need to have the canopies lifted from your trees?  Many HOAs have landscape guidelines for tree canopies along streets and on common areas.  Do you have broken limbs from winter storms or ice?  Check the trees for disease.  Winter is the optimal time for tree work and repairs.  
  1. Do I know how to prune my Crepe myrtles, Ornamental Grasses, Liriope, and Roses?
Winter/dormant season is the optimal time to trim back ornamental grasses and liriope.  It’s also the perfect time to prepare crepe myrtles for Spring blooms and roses.   It’s very easy to make pruning mistakes (especially with crepe myrtles).  It’s best to let a trained landscape company help with this work.    4.  Do I need lawn treatments? The answer is yes.  Think about it this way.  What do all living things need to SURVIVE?  Food and water.  What do all living things need to THRIVE?  Food, water, nutrients to thrive and medicine if sick.  Turf/Lawn Care is the same.  It needs food, water, nutrients…and medicine when sick. A good solid lawn care program has six (6) steps.  The treatments begin in the dormant season just before new growth emerges and continues about every other month throughout the year.   The first two rounds (1 and 2) are the most important treatments of all.  During the dormant season, your lawn care receives pre-emergents, fertilizers, and accelerants to ensure that when your turf emerges, it is healthy and will not be choked out by weeds.  In the State of Tennessee, you need a licensed company to administer the best mixture of chemicals and food to give you the healthiest lawn possible.  Milosi will begin Round 1 Lawn applications in February and will continue through March 15th. 5.  And finally, is there a good lawn care company out there who can do it all and give me some peace of mind? Yes.  Milosi is a full-service landscape company.  We will be happy to meet you on site and talk to you about your vision for your outdoor living needs.  We have wonderful designers on staff with innovative ideas for hardscapes and landscapes.  We also have a great maintenance department to maintain what we design and build.    Now is the best time to call us and schedule a visit.     We’ll have you dreaming of spring flowers in the heart of winter!