Update Your Seasonal Landscape Design With Spring Colors

Update Your Seasonal Landscape Design With Spring Colors

With spring finally here, colorful blooms start to pop up everywhere. If your perennials have been well-maintained,  they will introduce a bit of color into your landscape design. Otherwise, including the vibrant color of spring annuals will require a little seasonal landscaping.

Seasonal color is a key element of landscape design that elevates your curb appeal. Because seasonally blooming plants such as annual flowers are smaller, they are easier for landscape designers to switch out with the new season.  

Since floriculture trends are new every season, changing out your colored blooms is an easy way to make a trendy statement across your landscape.

Updates Keep Your Landscape Design Fresh

Once you have a well-groomed yard and well-defined beds, seasonal landscaping is what makes the biggest impact in your landscape design. HOA communities update their seasonal colors every year because it makes such a significant difference to residents.

Bringing new bloom colors into your own yard really uplifts the look of your landscape and refreshes it for the warmer months.  Picking colors that flatter the tones in your home can make your property stand out and increase your property value.

Follow A Seasonal Trend

To find inspiration for seasonal color trends, flip through our portfolio or see what is blooming in your area. Pulling inspiration from things already thriving near you is a good way to ensure that the plants you choose will flourish in your climate.

The benefit to seasonal landscaping is that it provides flexibility. If you end up falling in love with a new flower or decide you want to start attracting butterflies, all you have to do is swap out some of your seasonal colors.

Consult An Expert

Talk to the designers at Milosi for information on the latest floriculture trends. We can recommend specific seasonal colors based on what you are looking to update in your landscape design.

Contacting a professional landscape company like Milosi gives you access to a wide variety of suppliers and growers who bring you the best design, quality, colors and price for your area.  Professional landscape companies also can make sure your seasonal color is properly maintained so it thrives through the entirety of the growing season.

Let’s Grow Beautiful Together

Contact Milosi to discuss how we can add touches of spring color into your yard! We can work with you on a custom color design and maintenance plan that will grow beautifully all season long.  Call today: 615-264-0577.