Residential Landscape Maintenance Tips for Spring

Spring is a great time for landscape maintenance. Plants wake up and grow rapidly because of all of the spring rain and sunshine. Warm soil, warm air, and more moisture dramatically boost the health of your lawn, trees, and blooms.

Landscape maintenance in the spring sets you up for a year of a healthy landscape. Once your landscape is designed and installed, maintenance protects your investment and encourages your plants to continue to thrive.

Our landscape maintenance company has a set list of services we provide each spring.

Landscape Maintenance for Your Lawn

First of all, your landscape maintenance company should assess the health of your lawn in the spring. A correct assessment of drainage, irrigation, watering, sunlight, and soil will set you up to properly care for your lawn during the spring and into the summer.

Springtime landscape maintenance is your best opportunity to ensure that your lawn is receiving enough water before summertime. Your landscape maintenance company can check your irrigation system regularly. Improper watering in the spring and summer can be detrimental for your grass before a long, hot summer.

After a long winter, bare spots in your lawn should be seeded. Spring is a time of growth for your grass. This is an optimal time to introduce new seed into your lawn or start from scratch with brand new turf.

Secondarily, debris should be cleared from your lawn to allow for new growth. You should remove leaves leftover from the colder months as well as any trash and weeds covering your lawn.

Finally, slow-release fertilizer can also help the growth of your lawn in the spring, and pre-emergent weed killer can prevent weeds all summer long.

Maintenance for Plant Beds and Trees

The first step to bed maintenance in the spring is to remove any trees, shrubs or plants that died over the winter. Spring is also a great time to introduce new colors into your landscape; seasonal color can uplift your whole landscape design.

You can add in new plants after you remove dead or unhealthy ones. At this point, you can remove debris, and your landscape company can assess your irrigation plan for your plants during the spring and summer. Next, fertilizer and weed killer promote plant health and repel pests. Finally, fresh mulch updates your beds for spring, both protecting your plants and boosting your curb appeal.

Don’t have a green thumb? If you’re ready to let an elite landscape maintenance company handle your regular maintenance, contact Milosi today to schedule a consultation.