Is Spring Landscaping Still Safe?

Is professional landscaping during COVID-19 still safe? At Milosi, safety is a principle we stand behind always. Nowadays, safety is more important than ever as we strive to keep our team members, clients, and community healthy during COVID-19. The necessity of everything is being called into question. However, we can safely say that spring landscaping doesn’t have to pause at this time. 

Learn more about our safety precautions and updated procedures here. We are keeping up with and following recommendations from the CDC.

Our Spring Landscape Maintenance Programs

We are excited to be able to safely continue springtime landscape maintenance. Spring maintenance is your best opportunity to ensure that your landscaping is prepared to thrive! Summers are long and hot in Middle Tennessee. But your landscaping can still grow beautiful during that time.

During spring maintenance, we prioritize is irrigation and watering. This is important to ensure that your lawn and landscaping is receiving enough water before summertime begins. Moisture is what keeps everything alive and green through the heat! Sometimes watering is complicated by drainage and irrigation issues. However, our team can assess and propose solutions for any issues we find on your property to ensure your space can grow beautiful all summer long. 

Next up is seeding. Spring is the beginning of months of growth for your grass and plants. Seeding can ensure your lawn is even. This is the best time to introduce new seed into your existing lawn or place new turf into a new landscape. 

Finally, removing any lingering trash, leaves, or other debris from your property will ensure your property is clean and ready to grow. Our teams routinely remove debris from your outdoor space to keep your property spotless and as polished as possible. 

Additionally, the use of pesticides and weed killers early in the season can help prevent the onset of pest problems and invading weeds. We keep them from showing up by intervening before the growth cycle begins.  

At this point, fertilizer can jump-start the growing season and you are on your way to a long and beautiful summer!

Contact Milosi Today

Throughout this time, we will be communicating as often as necessary. We will share any updates to either the policies or our services. If you are an existing client, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your CRM with any questions you may have. We are excited to watch Middle Tennessee transform into a summer oasis in the coming months! Now more so than ever, having a sanctuary at home (and space to be outside!) is valued. We are proud to be able to bring that to families in our community.