Late Fall and Winter Services


Temperatures plummeted here in Nashville this week and it’s a good time to share our Late Fall and Winter Services. As a full service landscape company we stay busy year round helping people with their outdoor needs. img-6141867241.  LEAF REMOVAL can be hard work here in Middle Tennessee.  It’s glorious to live in the foothills of the Smokies, but as the seasons change, leaf removal can be tedious and overwhelming.  We provide leaf removal in two ways- by mulching the leaves weekly as we mow, and by using a vacuum to remove large quantities of leaves from your property. Heavy wet leaves left on the lawn can breed disease and smother your turf. The result can be an unhealthy lawn in the Spring. 2.  SNOW AND ICE REMOVAL            snow-removal We provide snow and ice removal for our clients, but but it is important that you reach out ahead of time to customize your plan BEFORE inclement weather occurs.  Service is provided for an additional charge outside of the maintenance agreement.  We have a limited service area, mainly north Davidson and Sumner County, but we can make exceptions in some cases. If you are interested, please call 615-264-0577 and ask to speak to Chris Williams directly.   irrigation-3  3.  IRRIGATION DESIGN AND INSTALLATION Now is the best time to think about irrigation.  If you don’t have an irrigation system for your home or business, call our technicians today for a complete design or upgrade.  We utilize the best design practices for sustainability and partner with the leading suppliers in the country.   boze-lighting 4.  OUTDOOR LIGHTING DESIGN AND INSTALLATION Fall and Winter mean longer nights.  It’s the perfect time to add outdoor lighting to your home because you can enjoy it longer.  Not only does lighting add value and beauty to your home,   well planned lighting improves curb appeal.  And it adds safety and security 365 days a year.        5.  WINTER PRUNING SERVICE                                winter-pruning Pruning during the dormant season is beneficial for a plant’s long term health as it removes old growth, and helps maintain it’s shape. Knock out roses here in Tennessee require very little maintenance and are pruned in the winter along with crepe myrtles, ornamental grasses and liriope.  



Many industrial/office properties add stone boulders at entrances and around tight curves to keep semi-tractor trailers from running over curbs and damaging landscape beds.   Stone boulders are an affordable solution to a common problem that could be costly.   8.  LAWN TREATMENTS     lawn-treatments Dreaming of a lush green lawn this Spring?  The time to plan for it is NOW!  The first two lawn treatments provide pre-emergents for crabgrass and broadleaf weeds, and necessary fertilizers for optimal health!  Call us now for a free estimate and we’ll help you with your 2017 goal of having the best yard in the neighborhood!