MARCH MADNESS! Local resources to help you get GREEN this Spring!

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Local resources to help you get GREEN this Spring!

Green beer, little green men, and green grass everywhere!   March is the “green” month.  Until now, your lawn has been dormant through the winter, but you may have noticed recently that it is “waking up.”   Last week, we gave you some great tips to get started.  This week, we wanted to give you some great resources for your MARCH MUST DO’S! Here are some great resources for blade sharpening, plants and materials and pre-emergent fertilizer if you live in Sumner County, Tennessee. Where do I go in Sumner County/Nashville to have my lawn mower blades sharpened?  Glad you asked!  Three great resources that we recommend are: COMMERICIAL LAWN at 1008 Lavern Circle, Hendersonville, TN 37075 Phone: (615) 431-2900 or CIRRUS OUTDOOR POWER EQUIPMENT at 3613 Hwy 31 W White House, TN 37188 (615) 672-4400 It’s important to note that you may want to CALL FIRST.  Make sure that they are equipped to handle your specific brand! Another resource for you for sharpening your blades would be: ACE HARDWARE 203 W Main St Hendersonville, TN 37075 (615) 824-8741 According to Angie Hicks of “Angie’s List”,  the worst day to try to have your blade sharpened? The day your lawn is tall, green, and you absolutely have to cut it. Chances are the shop will have a two-week backup at that point. “When it’s on its side you can look at the condition of the blade, and see if it’s dull,” Mower repairman Chris Arvin said. “And most of the time if you mow 25 times during a typical season, it’s dull.”

A dull blade will tear the grass, leaving it unattractive and prone to infection.

elite-landscape nurseries   Where is a good place in Sumner Co. to buy plants, seasonal color or mulch? We like:  ROGER’S GARDEN AND NURSERY! 340 W Main St, Gallatin, TN 37066 615-452-9530 Roger’s Garden and Nursery is family owned and is a great resource for the do- it -yourselfer.  Affordable pricing + quality plant material + friendly service = GREAT PLACE TO DO BUSINESS.   Shop local. elite-turf fertilization  What’s Your Best Advice for Aeration and Pre-emergent fertilizer?  Don’t do this yourself!   Call us at 615-264-0577!   Pre-emergent is simply the FIRST fertilization that we recommend.   We recommend SIX fertilizations AT A MINIMUM for residential lawns. But it’s tricky.  If you don’t get the right formulas, you can burn, over fertilize and RUIN your lawn. If you have been fertilizing yourself and you are not seeing the results that you want, you need a professional. We have trained technicians that will evaluate your lawn and make recommendations.  Chris Williams on our team is excellent! Before you know it, your lawn will be better than a POT OF GOLD!  🙂  HAPPY MARCH MADNESS MONTH! –Shannon Warner