Meet Milosi’s Elite: Our 2016 Core Value Award Winners

Every week, someone asks me,  “Why do you call yourselves, “An Elite Landscape Company”?   It’s a fair question.  With such a bold statement about your business, one can make a lot of assumptions.  Usually I answer, “It’s our systems and processes that make us different.”  But the REAL TRUTH, what really makes us special- is our emphasis on Core Value training.      We train on the importance of character and ethics.  Our employees are the hands, feet and face of Milosi.  From the minute we interact with our customers, our actions are what people remember…how we listen, how we made them feel, doing the work with care and attention to detail.  These are learned skills.  And the best of the best are awarded and recognized every year by their peers. We are so proud of our 2016 Core Value Award Winners.  These hard working men are excellent craftsman, and dedicated teachers, coaches and mentors.  Inside and out, they are the best of the best.  Below is a snapshot into the hearts of these great men:
Todd Marasi, Customer Relations Manager (Nashville)
   ” SAFETY FIRST”   Award Winner, Todd Marasi Todd Marasi was hired as a crew-leader- in- training in June of 2014,  and promoted to Customer Relations Manager this past fall.  He currently operates our Nashville office.  For Todd, our core value of Safety First is personal.  Earlier in this career, Todd suffered a partial hearing loss from not wearing protective ear coverings. Recently two of Todd’s neighbors had mowing accidents- one was not wearing socks while mowing, the other almost lost his eyesight because he was not wearing safety goggles.  Todd’s experience and personal loss is a huge motivator to train on safety.  His favorite saying is, “I want you to go home today the same way you came.”
Taylor Milliken and Todd Marasi at Core Value Awards 2016 
Chris Trowel- Construction Crew Member, Artist, Innovator
        “CREATE AND INNOVATE”  (tie)       Award Winners, Chris Trowel               and Lupe Alvarado Chris Trowel is one of our newest employees, having joined Milosi in September of 2016.   Working in our Construction Department gives him the opportunity to create something beautiful daily.   He says  “I have always been creative- I can carve, draw, and love using my artistic skills.”  He takes great pride in his work and it shows.
  Lupe Alvarado, Nashville Team Leader (Coach)
 Lupe Alvarado has been with Milosi since October, 2010 in various roles.  Recently he was promoted to Team Leader (Coach) Here is what Lupe says about innovation: “I love my job and I love what I do every day. Being a crew lead is a title and I don’t let that get to my head. I work just as hard as everyone in my group.” “The reason I believe I received the award for Create and Innovate is because I work patiently with people. I make time to train each person on how to do every position and I always use encouraging language such as “please”, “thank you”, “you are doing great”, etc. At times, I will work a plan out in my head the day before and I am always thinking of how to come up with better ways to work properties. The key is we work as a team, leaving behind previous habits from other companies, and work as one.”
Chris, Taylor, and Lupe at the Core Value Awards 2016
Isidro Cruz, Construction Crew Leader
                    “WE DO WHAT WE SAY                                          Award Winner, Isidro Cruz   Isidro Cruz came to work for Milosi in April of 2013, and attributes his promotion to Construction Crew Leader for his award.  “Having more responsibility in the Company has made it all the more important to make sure that my team comes thru on every job.”  And like any great leader, Isidro is quick to give credit to his tight knit crew of “go getters” and to the patience of his mentor, Bill Petry.    

“DETAILS MATTER”    Award Winner, Billy Mead    

When Billy Mead joined us in October 2015, he demonstrate incredible craftsmanship in his work. Additionally, he implemented a mentor program in our Construction Department.  Billy says, “Becoming a mentor this year had an impact on me.  It’s true what they say that the teacher learns the most.  By teaching others how jobs flow, sequencing, paperwork, the Milosi processes, my own skills improved.”        “WE LISTEN BECAUSE WE CARE”  Award Winner, Chaz Smithson
Taylor and Chaz at the Core Value Awards
Chaz Smithson   
Chaz Smithson joined Milosi in February 2016. Everyone loves Chaz, and it’s easy to see why his peers nominated him for this award.  He says, “Managing people professionally sometimes means helping them personally too.  Personal issues/problems are a reality in today’s world.  Knowing that you work for people that really care about you makes people loyal and grateful for their jobs.”      These humble men really are the best of the best in the industry.  It is rewarding to work and learn alongside such inspiring people.