Milosi’s Residential and Commercial Grounds Maintenance Services

Milosi’s residential and commercial grounds maintenance services allow homeowners and property managers to trust that their landscape is being cared for with thriving solutions, year-round. We offer comprehensive residential landscape maintenance services, HOA lawncare, and commercial grounds maintenance services.

At Milosi, we know that the health of your plants, including your turf, trees, blooms, and shrubs, is what will make the difference in the longevity of your landscape design. Therefore, we provide ongoing landscaping services through our horticulture calendar to each of our clients. This proactive plan ensures your services will be completed on-time.

By working with Milosi as your maintenance provider, you won’t have to remember to schedule each service from month to month. We want you to rest assured that your landscaping is in our hands.

Full-Service Maintenance

Our horticulture calendar is completely customizable to your property’s specific needs. Each residential and commercial grounds maintenance project begins with a property walkthrough. During the walkthrough, our plant health technicians will work with you to define the needs of your landscape. Together, we will make a landscape maintenance plan centered around preserving and growing the health and beauty of your landscape.

Our plant health technicians provide ongoing assessments and maintenance every time we step on your property. Comprehensive maintenance means if we see that your landscape lighting is foggy, we’ll fix it. We can adjust your sprinklers, straighten your lights, and remove trash from your property. We always leave your property better than we found it.

Estate Gardening

At Milosi, our crews are educated on the Middle Tennessee environment and plant health. We want your estate’s landscaping to grow beautiful year after year. Plant health is one of our top priorities when we maintain your landscape.

We provide complete maintenance on a monthly basis to keep your outdoor spaces in pristine condition. Our curated horticulture calendar ensures that your plants receive the right care at the right time.

Care For Every Landscape

Milosi provides commercial grounds maintenance, HOA landscaping maintenance, and residential lawn maintenance. We work alongside homeowners and property owners to create thriving landscapes. Ready to grow beautiful together? Contact us today to get started.