MOW-MENTUM for Spring! Tips for a Great Lawn

MOW-MENTUM for Spring! Tips for a Great Lawn elite-LANDSCAPE TURF

A new U. S. Poll shows that the #1 thing people like to do with their yards is RELAX!  With more than 30 million acres of lawns across the U. S., we would like to offer a few tips for mowing and caring for your lawn this spring-
  • Your lawn mower needs a check up.  If this is the first time  you are using your lawnmower this year, make sure  your blades are sharp and the oil has been changed.  Also, drain last season’s gas and use fresh.
  • Don’t scalp!  Taller grass results in a deeper root system and a lawn that is less likely to encourage weeds!  Don’t cut your grass too short because it also protects your lawn from scorching.
  • Don’t cut grass when it is wet.  It encourages mold and can dull your lawn mower blades.
  • Change direction.   Mow your lawn in a different direction with each mowing.  This ensures a more even cut since the grass blades will be more erect.
  • Don’t overcompensate by overcutting.   Is your grass TOO TALL?  If you have to cut off a lot of grass, do it in several cuttings with three or more days in between.
  • Be safe.   Keep children and pets out of the way.  Wear closed-toe shoes and long pants.  Never cut the grass when it’s raining or lightning.  Do not push a lawn mower onto the pavement.  The lawn keeps objects from being hurled at a high speed; there is no such protection on the pavement.
  • Do your homework.  Determine your grass type and best height for optimum health.  Also read the operating guide for your mower.
  • HIRE A PROFESSIONAL.  When in doubt, hire a professional.    At Elite,  we are trained to keep your lawn healthy and with us, safety is a priority. 
Happy Spring!! (tips courtesy of Planet Professional Landcare Network) Planet Logo