Outdoor Living Nashville: Perfecting Your Patios and Porches

Outdoor Living Nashville: Perfecting Your Patios and Porches

One of the best reasons to live in Middle Tennessee is outdoor living. Nashville has the perfect climate for spending time in the great outdoors, and many residents utilize their outdoor spaces as an extension of their homes. With average annual temperatures topping out around 70 degrees and averaging about 60 degrees for the year, Nashvillians are able to enjoy the outdoors for most months of the year.

The ideal place to enjoy the fresh, crisp air of fall is on your very own outdoor space. While almost anyone would agree that a well-placed porch is the best place to take part in outdoor living, Nashville is exceptionally prime for porch time due to the relatively temperate climate.

Putting a bit of effort into creating your outdoor oasis is crucial for making the most of your time outside, and there are a few things that you can do to prepare the perfect spot.

Build an Outdoor Kitchen

If you intend to utilize your patio as an entertaining space, an outdoor kitchen makes hosting friends and family outside easy. Creating an outdoor kitchen can be as simple as adding a built-in grill, or as elaborate as building a custom outdoor pizza oven. Your outdoor kitchen can even come complete with a sink, cooler, refrigerator, prep space, and a natural stone countertop. If you have the space and use for an outdoor kitchen, the investment will be well worth it when it comes time to enjoy your outdoor space.

Install a Firepit

Nothing goes together better than outdoor living, Nashville, and a flickering outdoor fire. Creating ambiance and warmth, an outdoor firepit can bring people together and become the perfect place to roast s’mores and create memories. There are many firepit options available, including self-contained gas firepits, as well as completely custom, built-in outdoor fireplaces. Adding a firepit to your outdoor space also creates a level of functionality, as the warmth allows you to continue to use your outdoor space throughout the cooler months.


When planning for outdoor living, Nashville, it’s important that you also consider the area surrounding your patio or porch. Inviting landscaping that complements the design of your home will serve to define and complete the space. Seasonal color can be brought in through annuals and meticulously worked into the design by a seasoned landscape architect. Keep in mind that the best landscaping starts with quality products, so it’s important to work with a reputable company and the best growers. Potted plants can be placed throughout the space to create movement and interest, and a perimeter can be set up around your porch or patio with the perfect shrubs, bushes, and trees. The entire space and everything that’s within view should be addressed with landscaping.

Use Hardscapes

Hardscapes can add an element of dimension and texture to your outdoor living space, while simultaneously boosting the functionality of your space. Courtyard walls can be used to create privacy, and retaining walls can be installed to increase the usability of your sloped areas. Homeowners can create pathways and pavers to allow for easy access to gardens and other zones within the outdoor space. Natural elements, such as river rock and field stones can separate spaces, while adding an element of interest to the space.

If you’re craving an environment where you can life a lifestyle that includes outdoor living, Nashville is the perfect place to start. With just a bit of planning, design, and implementation, your porch or patio can become a natural extension of your home.

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