The Massa Outdoor Living Project

Award-Winning Outdoor Living
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The award-winning outdoor living area we completed for the Massa residence began with a landscaping project. First, we designed the landscape around a residential barn while the house was being built on the 100-acre property.


We started the next project to design their outdoor living area with a thorough consultation. Through this process, we determined what the family had in mind for their dream outdoor space. Our clients were empty-nesters dreaming of an outdoor space that could host their family and friends while still being a cozy place for two. They wanted their landscaping to blend into the natural treeline around their estate. They also hoped to avoid large retaining walls that would distract from the natural beauty of their property.

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outdoor living area outdoor living area

With an understanding of the family's goals, we got to work creating their dream outdoor space.

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Outdoor Living Area Grading and Irrigation

First, we updated the landscaping at the front of the house. Careful grading created an even slope up to the house. As we investigated the property, we found a natural underground water supply that would allow us to irrigate several acres of the property. We placed the sod and designed the irrigation system to keep it as green and healthy as possible for years to come.

With the lawn in place, we designed the beds near the house, filling them with blooms, trees, evergreens, grasses, and carefully-manicured shrubs to highlight the design of the new Massa home.

Outdoor Living Area Lighting

Next, we created a custom lighting design. We showcased both the architecture and landscaping around the home. We set up an FX Luminaire system so our clients could integrate their outdoor lighting with their home automation. When you have such a large space to light, dimming, zoning, and automation make it easy to illuminate specific areas at certain times with the touch of a button. The spa area can be lit on its own for a cozy night for two. Or, sitting and dining areas can be lit for entertaining.

Hardscape Design

The focal point of the back yard was the water feature. We wanted our clients to see it clearly every time they pulled into their driveway. The focus of our outdoor living area design for the back side of the house was to create that dream backyard view, even from the front of the home.

With this in mind, we placed the pool in the line of sight from the driveway. The pool placement pulls everything else together. So, a central placement was the perfect spot to have a beautiful view from the kitchen, covered porch, and bedroom, too.

To frame the rest of the space visually, we used a cedar pergola to catch the eye and bring attention to the pool. We used the same strategy to place the rest of the elements so the final space would be beautifully organized both aesthetically and practically. Our client wanted a spa and walk-in sauna, and also a designated spot for entertaining. We added a firepit with a seating area, outdoor kitchen and cabana for nighttime entertainment on cooler nights. We positioned the firepit area for the view so that from the master bedroom you can see the fire glowing. For privacy, we also placed the spa and sauna near the master bedroom.

Once the general hardscape layout was finalized, we finalized the details of the landscaping.

Landscape Design Features

The natural stone and boulders were chosen to blend materials and finishes from the house into the outdoor space and work well with the land. It was important to our clients that there wasn’t a stone wall in their backyard; they wanted a seamless design that transformed into the treeline naturally.

By tiering the retaining wall, we were able to protect the slope of the back yard without creating an eyesore that distracts from the pool view. The two shorter walls blend into the space without feeling invasive.  

Award-Winning Paver Design

This project is award-winning, and for good reason. Belgard, the manufacturer of the pavers we used, awarded us the 2018 “Best Pool Application” in the mid-south region for this project. We selected every material from the stonework to the pavers and pool coping to create a cohesive look and beautiful final design.

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