Residential Maintenance Services

Residential Maintenance Services

Proper professional maintenance of your outdoor space is paramount to maintaining the value and enjoyability of your property. Our professional lawn care service teams handle your outdoor space with professionalism, service, and skill. Our field technicians are reliable and focused on delivering exceptional service to our clients.

Prior to the start of our ongoing residential maintenance program, our Customer Relationship Managers will assess your property and recommend a level of care based upon your lawn care service needs and budget. We provide an annual menu that includes a variety of lawn care service initiatives that when taken together, form a comprehensive and cohesive schedule of care for your space.

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Lawn Care Service | Mowing

Milosi offers a customized mowing program during the growing season. Service will include mowing the turf, blowing off sidewalks, patios, and walkways, and edging of beds. Additionally, we complete comprehensive bed maintenance that includes weed eradication by hand and chemical means, and trash and leaf removal in the beds.

Mulching Programs

Milosi offers residential mulching twice a year (March 1 – April 30) and (October 1 – November 15).  Depending upon the bed and tree rings, either hardwood or pine straw mulch is installed at a depth of 1-3 inches. We can cultivate or remove mulch throughout the year if necessary. Additionally, we add pre-emergent and soil amendments at the time of mulch replacement.

Seasonal Color Rotation

We rotate seasonal color two to four times per year. We can also design your spring color for an additional charge. Fall mums, annuals, and bulbs are also installed as directed. Soil Amendments, fertilizers, and a layer of pine bark nuggets are installed at the time of rotation.

Lawn Care Service | Herbicides

We are chartered and certified through the State of Tennessee to administer pesticides and herbicides to your lawn. We offer turf aeration and overseeding, and up to six lawn applications and treatments per year. Our teams administer pre-emergent, liquid, and granular fertilizers and herbicides for broadleaf control.

Lawn Care Service | Irrigation

Milosi offers start-up and winterization services for your installation system and can seasonally adjust your system to ensure the proper level of watering.

Lawn Care Service | Flea and Tick Prevention

We offer flea and tick sprays from March 1 to November 30.

Tree and Shrub Care

We also offer sprays for trees and shrubs three times per year. Milosi also offers miscellaneous services such as trash patrol, deer sprays, watering, leaf removal, and snow and ice removal.

If you’re ready to turn over the care of your property to a professional provider, contact us today.

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