Fire Pits & Fireplaces

Fire Pits & Fireplaces


Adding an outdoor gas fireplace or an outdoor propane fireplace to your hardscaping is a great way to create warmth and visual ambiance in your outdoor living space.

In outdoor living spaces, fireplaces create a natural focal point. Fire features like a fire pit or an outdoor gas fireplace can bring together your entire outdoor living design. Additionally, fire pits and fireplaces provide a beautiful visual, warm up chilly nights, extend summer evenings with longer light, and create an activity to draw together your neighbors, family and friends.



What’s the Difference Between an Outdoor Gas Fireplace and a Fire Pit?

An outdoor gas fireplace is an extremely popular choice today for homeowners in Middle Tennessee. The ease of turning on and off an outdoor gas fireplace lends itself to simplified, luxurious entertaining. Typically, a large fireplace will run through your gas line, so using them does not require stoking or any cleanup. 

Fire pits tend to be smaller than fireplaces. Our team can build fire features as small as 18 or 22 inches wide to add warm features into your landscaping. A fire pit is a freestanding structure that won’t have to be connected to a gas line; it’s a self-contained feature that can be placed anywhere throughout your outdoor living space.



Extend the Use of Your Outdoor Living Space

We want to help homeowners in Middle Tennessee fall in love with their outdoor spaces. A simple addition to your hardscape design like the installation of a fire pit or fireplace can draw you outdoors year-round.

Fire pits and fireplaces make your space usable at all hours of the day and in every season. For most of the winter months, Middle Tennessee homeowners come home to a dark evening after work, but many homeowners want to maximize their time spent in their custom outdoor spaces. You can still enjoy a warm outdoor space in those months with a firepit or fireplace from Milosi.



Invest in Your Entertaining

Fireplaces are a great investment and add value and sophistication to your property. Whether you are entertaining family or friends, or simply enjoying a night of stargazing, there is nothing more hypnotic than watching dancing flames on a beautiful evening. Additionally, consider a fire feature if you want to create a gathering space in your outdoor living room. 



We can’t wait to get started on your next hardscaping project. Ready for an outdoor gas fireplace? Give Milosi a call: 615-239-6177. 

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