There are many aesthetic and beautiful reasons to install outdoor lighting, but there are just as many practical uses. Landscape lights, including deck lighting design, and yard lights extend the usable square footage of your home, opening up your deck, porch, patio, or outdoor kitchen for nighttime entertaining. Outdoor lighting also illuminates pathways and sidewalks for walking safety.

Lighting Options

We use architectural lighting, uplighting, brick washing, and column lighting to emphasize the beauty of your home. Your landscape and your house can be highlighted through well-placed lighting. This light brightens your home, transforming it every night.

We place out pathway lights throughout your landscape to highlight walkways, paths, and driveways in your landscape. Pathway lighting is low-voltage to create an ambient effect. This emphasizes the functionality of your outdoor space, especially for outdoor entertaining.

Patio lighting transforms your outdoor living spaces to be usable when its dark. Lighting your entertainment spaces creates an inviting ambiance so you will want to enjoy your outdoor living space even more.

Our lighting design options are completely customizable. We offer timers and dimmers to create the exact effect you are looking for. We can also automate your outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Lighting for Safety

For safety purposes, lighting is a major deterrent to crime. Well-lit homes are less likely to be targeted by intruders. Custom lighting illuminates these dark spots around your home’s entrances.

Seasonal Lighting

Our lighting is customizable, so we can accomplish whatever you imagine for your exterior lighting design. For the holidays, many homeowners celebrate with colored lighting. Well-placed lighting systems can be updated for seasonal colors year-round.

At Milosi, we want you to be confident in the beauty of your landscape lighting. We offer extended warranties for up to five years on some of our lighting components, so you can be sure you love your lighting. Contact us today! We can improve the aesthetics of your home immediately with lighting.

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