Pavers & Patios

Pavers & Patios

At Milosi, our deck designer and custom installers are committed to making sure that our clients truly love their outdoor space. Our team works together to provide you with an outdoor living area that is perfect for spending time together or enjoying a moment of solitude. Pavers and patios allow us to carve paths through your yard and to provide you with a platform for entertaining.

Custom Pavers

Pavers provide your home with long lasting beauty that’s easy to maintain. Since brick pavers and stone pavers can withstand any weather conditions, they make an ideal choice for middle Tennessee residents. Depending on the design aesthetic, budget and functionality necessary, we utilize brick pavers, concrete pavers, or stone pavers to create additional livable space outdoors for our clients.

Additionally, our team can greatly enhance the curb appeal of your property by creating a custom entrance using driveway pavers. Driveway pavers are a welcome addition to any home, and they instantly convey the luxury of a custom design.

Our professional installation crews and patio contractors will ensure that your outdoor pavers are installed correctly from the beginning. We use appropriate landscape barriers to reduce the infiltration of weeds, and we’ll compact the soil and plan for healthy drainage. Our paver and deck designer is on hand to help you select color variations that seamlessly blend your home and your new outdoor living space.  

Patio + Deck Designer

Imagine entertaining, hosting fun-filled BBQs, or just enjoying a tranquil night appreciating nature.  A beautiful custom paver patio is the foundation of your new outdoor living room. Stone pavers, brick pavers, and concrete pavers are just some of the materials used to extend your livable space, and our deck designer will advise you regarding the best layout and installation for your new patio or deck.

We offer a wide variety of paver patio products whether you live in a small urban condo, or a multi-acre estate. We offer custom designs, including simple plans for an array of budgets.

If you’re considering adding pavers or a custom deck to your outdoor living space, contact the team at Milosi today!

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