Trends in Landscape Design for 2017 and Beyond

  nashville-bicentennial-park Nashville is the perfect market to observe current trends in Landscape/Outdoor Living.  With a growth rate of 100 people per day, people are coming from all over to experience urban living mixed with small town sensibility.  (Plus our food scene is really, really good!) Here at Milosi, designing outdoor living spaces is one of our specialties.  We are always learning and looking for ways to incorporate new trends. Here are some of the best loved design ideas from 2016, and also some great things to consider  for 2017.

                          (Sources:  NALP (the National Association of Landscape Professionals) and Garden Media Trends Report 2017.)

  1. Customized Outdoor Living Spaces 
bailey-blog-4         Outdoor kitchens, brick pizza ovens and fire pits continue to dominate outdoor living design trends.  Personalized theme spaces are also popular- with separate areas designated for yoga, crafts, and the family dog.
  1. Technology Outdoors                                                Milosi-Moore-designbuild
More and more people are working remote.  Televisions, WI-Fi access, sound systems are all becoming standard in our custom outdoor living spaces.  Also, twinkling lights and boldly colored lighting is trending.
  1. “Naturescaping”                  naturescaping
“Naturescaping” is a new word that basically means low maintenance and native plants.  In other words, easier, low stress environments!   Look for landscapes that are designed to attract wildlife, insects, and other local birds, and are supported by water smart irrigation systems and solar powered LED lighting. alpine strawberry (fragaria vesca semperflorens) fruit and flower poyntz road, london early july
  1. Fruits and Vegetables

Millennials are greatly influencing the market with their grow your own food, teas, cocktails, beer and medicine.  Medicinal garden greens are grown indoors and fruits and vegetables (berries, peppers, etc.) are being incorporated into outdoor designs.

  1. “Forest Bathing”                                 radnor-lake-boardwalk
In 2001, the EPA concluded that 87% of the population spent too much time indoors.  Another 6% of time was spent in enclosed vehicles.  “Forest bathing”, or time spent in the forest and in nature, has proven to be a great mental health tool in other cultures.   The trend is rapidly gaining popularity here in the U. S.  “People on nature walks are less likely to think negative thoughts, which directly relates to depression.  Often, forest bathers experience a deep sense of awe,” according to the study.  Forest bathing contributes to improved working memory and feeling more “alive”. Interesting fact:  Japan and Korea consider forest therapy to be so effective, it is covered by their insurance. ONE LAST NOTE                 nashville-greenways Megan Barry, Nashville’s mayor has just rolled out a $475 million dollar capital plan for Nashville, which includes $38 million dollars allocated to open green space acquisition, park maintenance, and greenways. It is safe to conclude that there is a huge trend on the eve of 2017 towards wellness and quality of life. Now, that’s good design!