Here are a few of the things people are are saying about us.

Thank you, Taylor, Bill and everyone else who turned my yard into a green landscape again! After putting in a pool and having a deck built, it was all piles of dirt, rock, and weeds. Now it is a beautiful green lawn with curved plant beds cut out ready for phase two when we put in all the plants. Can't wait! Thanks Milosi!

Harding Residence, Residential

Milosi takes care of my landscaping at home and is now working on a proposal for my business. I find that their knowledge base and follow through outmatch other companies I've tried. Plus my yard is beautiful!

Ray Residence, Residential

Milosi has been taking care of my yard for about two years. They were able to put in new grass that was more dog-friendly and they clean the beds every visit. My yard looks 100% better. Also, I can tell the guys seem to care more, they do what it takes to make the yard look awesome.

Hill Residence, Residential

When we moved to Tennessee (about 10 years ago) and bought a new home with a field for a backyard, Taylor was our project manager. His crews were hard-working, polite and pleasant. The perfect match is when someone listens to the customer but recommends great ideas based on that relationship.

Peggy Boyd Connor, Residential