Patio Projects: Everything You Need To Know

Patio Projects: Everything You Need To Know

If you’re looking to add a patio onto your property in Middle Tennessee, working with the Milosi Landscape experts can help you streamline your project, saving you time and money while guaranteeing that you end up with a great patio design with incredible functionality.

Adding a hardscape patio to your property can be an enjoyable way to significantly increase your property value. Hardscapes can create functional space for entertaining and outdoor activities.

Here is our guide to important elements that the Milosi Landscape team considers when working with homeowners to start a new patio project.  

Patio Location

If you have a lot of space, Milosi Landscape’s professional designers can help you determine how the placement of a patio will influence your landscape design and the value of your home.

Our team keeps many considerations in mind when designing your outdoor hardscapes. For example, selecting a flat area in your backyard typically minimizes the cost of your project overall.

Patios can be a unique project because many times they involve installing a large, flat surface outdoors. This means you may have to deal with water drainage. Some projects will require excavation or permits to make sure the stormwater is draining properly. When you work with Milosi Landscape, you can rest assured that our team ensures your project satisfies the requirements in your area.

Other location factors, like lighting, view, and privacy are also key to deciding where to place your outdoor living hardscape. For example, putting one close to your house will be the most convenient and usually the most private.

Patio Materials

The cost of your patio will largely be determined by the cost of the materials you use and the size of your patio. These projects can be completed with a wide range of materials, including pavers, stone, or brick. Milosi Landscape offers a wide range of paver options so you can find the perfect design based on your budget and style.

Pavers offer a permeable surface that allows water to drain through your hardscape. Pavers are also a great way to incorporate a pattern design into your patio. Because they withstand weather and drain water so well, pavers are a great choice for Middle Tennessee residents.

One thing you have to look out for with pavers, however, is weeds. Our professional installation crews use appropriate landscape barriers to reduce the infiltration of weeds between your pavers. 

Patio Design

As specialists in complete custom hardscape projects, Milosi Landscape can assist you throughout your patio design process. As we design your patio, we can advise you on features that will turn your outdoor space into a complete oasis.

Adding pools, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, retention walls and custom lighting are easy projects to add onto an existing patio. Combining projects with a new patio can completely transform your outdoor space in a short amount of time. Consulting Milosi Landscape for your entire design is a great way to ensure that your projects fit together into a cohesive, intuitive design. 

As a full-service outdoor living contractor, we can be with you every step of the way, from the design of your outdoor living space to the complete installation. Our goal is to provide you with stellar design, timely installation, and unparalleled service as your embark on the journey to creating your ideal outdoor living space.

Using our custom stone and brick paver options in your patio is also a good way to extend the design of your house into your outdoor living area. Coordinating your outdoor living space with your home increases the property value of your home overall. 

Take advantage of the expert design and installation from Milosi Landscape to make your dream patio a reality. To get in touch with one of our hardscape installation experts, contact us today!