Milosi’s maintenance plans ensure the consistent beauty and upkeep of elite commercial properties. Our attention to detail, relentless commitment to client services, and decades of experience make us the perfect partner for your commercial landscape maintenance needs.

Studies show that beautifully landscaped commercial properties resonate better with employees and visitors. We work with commercial organizations to create custom landscape maintenance plans. 

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Client Services

Our maintenance teams provide impeccable client service. To achieve that end, we engage in ongoing training with our team. This training ensures that best practices are followed and that safety on your property remains a priority.

Additionally, we strive to make sure that our presence on-site at your location does not disrupt regular operations. Milosi crews are attentive, efficient and professional on every property.

Finally, our office team handles each account with poise and punctuality. Your property will be handled with professionalism and care at every touchpoint.

Our Process for Commercial Maintenance

Each residential and commercial grounds maintenance project begins with a property walkthrough. During the walkthrough, our plant health technicians will work with you to define the needs of your landscape. Then, we create a calendar and plan for the care of your property. After that, our CRM (customer relationship manager) will reach out to answer any questions that arise about your service. Finally, we begin regular maintenance.

Ultimately, our year-round maintenance plans ensure that your property will remain cared for without effort or attention from your internal staff. We make ourselves keenly aware of your budgets and the schedules surrounding your operations, and our team works efficiently and thoroughly to service your property well. By working with Milosi as your maintenance provider, you won’t have to remember to schedule each service from month to month. We want you to rest assured that your landscaping is in our hands.

Even though lawn care is what most people think of first, at Milosi, we know landscape maintenance is more than that. Well-designed commercial properties highlight the beauty of each property. We tailor our services to meet the needs of your property. Milosi offers complete lawn care services including seeding, irrigation, drainage, mowing, edging, weeding, debris removal, and mulching. Additionally, our custom bids can include fungicidal applications, flea and tick prevention,  seasonal color rotation, lighting maintenance, and more. 

Contact Us For A Custom Bid

Our commercial landscape maintenance services are an asset to your property. We do not only maintain your existing landscape, we propose solutions to problems before they arise. 

If you’re interested in having our team take over the regular maintenance of your commercial property, contact us today to discuss a custom bid.

Let's Grow Beautiful Together