How to Update Your Outdoor Living Space for Fall

When the fall season rolls around and it’s finally time to enjoy some perfect Middle Tennessee weather, many homeowners look to update their outdoor living spaces. At the end of a hot summer, enjoying cooler temperatures from the comfort of home is what it’s all about. 

Imagine reading by an outdoor fireplace, sipping coffee in a cozy sitting area, or entertaining under beautiful lighting. Pick a project or two to update your space when the temperatures dip. Here are our favorite ways to cozy up this fall. 

Create a Cozy Patio Seating Area for Fall Outdoor Living

It’s not time to head indoors yet! Pile up warm blankets and pillows in an outdoor seating area and you can enjoy your outdoor living space year-round!

As the days grow shorter, a seating area surrounding a fireplace or fire pit is the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful middle-Tennessee fall sunsets. With a few added comforts, outdoor patio seating in the fall can feel extra cozy this time of year. Your patio can be designed to comfortably seat as many or as few people as you’d like for intimate gatherings or larger dinner parties. Patios can be heated and covered to create usable outdoor space, even in colder weather.

Watching the leaves turn red, orange, and yellow is unlike any other experience. A perfectly designed and expertly constructed outdoor seating area with all of the amenities is the perfect setting for enjoying all that fall has to offer.

Use Pavers to Design Your Patio or Pathways

At Milosi, we create custom paver patio designs to become a beautiful foundation for your outdoor living space. Depending on your design aesthetic, budget and functionality necessary, we utilize brick pavers, concrete pavers, or stone pavers to create additional livable space outdoors for our clients.

Paver patios and pathways allow you to make your way through your outdoor living space, even in wet weather.

Build a Firepit or Fireplace and Stay Warm

Nothing sounds better than sitting in front of the fire with s’mores on a crisp, fall night. And fall is the official start of the bonfire season. With a nice warm fire in your fire pit or custom-designed fireplace, you can bring out the wine or hot cocoa and relax during the fall nights with friends and family.

At Milosi, we can install a wide variety of custom fire features. We can build gas or propane fireplaces or build a wood-burning one, depending on your preference. Gas-fueled fire features can be completely automated so you can start and put out your fire with the touch of a button.

If you need a little extra warmth to get you outside in the fall months, a fire feature is the way to go.

Install a Pergola for Protection

A pergola or full roof over your patio or porch will cover your furniture and keep it protected for all-weather use. In the fall, a pergola can be a great decorative addition to your backyard. The cover will also provide shelter for your outdoor kitchen and other outdoor living spaces to protect them from wet fall weather. 

Additionally, a pergola can turn any fall night into a festive space to enjoy the turning of the seasons. An overhead structure will sheild your outdoor dining area from falling leaves and create a cozier, more enclosed entertainment area.

A luxury outdoor living contractor like Milosi can work with you to design your dream outdoor living area. We can design and build the fall outdoor oasis of your dreams to include a pergola, as well as decorative landscape lighting, architectural lighting, retaining walls, estate landscaping, a fire pit, and an outdoor kitchen.

Incorporate Seasonal Colors

Since the Milosi team is a complete solution for luxury outdoor living, we can also help incorporate seasonal color into your yard.

Working with a landscaping company like ours, you can update your seasonal plants for the fall season to include fall colors and plants that thrive in the cooler weather.

Is your landscaping missing beautiful fall trees that change into vibrant colors each year? Would the addition of evergreen trees keep your outdoor space more vibrant in the winter? A professional landscaping team can update your landscape design so that your estate is planted with seasonally appropriate trees and shrubs that add beauty to your home in every season. 

Customize Your Ambient Lighting

Implementing custom lighting in your outdoor space changes everything. Dimmable and automatic lights can be controlled from your phone to create a whole new level of ambiance. As the fall evenings become darker, earlier, landscape lighting and architectural lighting will bathe your home in a warm, inviting light. Coming home to a welcoming, warmly lit home will undoubtedly add to the enjoyment of your fall evenings, while improving your curb appeal for years to come.

Seasonal lighting for the fall holidays and for Christmas can be installed by our team to create a festive look without having to spend hours outside setting up. 

Additionally, installing landscape lighting in the fall adds to your home’s security by illuminating shadows. Strategically placed lighting surrounding your property will also brighten walkways and doorways where accidents are likely to happen in the dark.

Finally, updated LED lights can be more cost effective and better for saving energy than traditional lighting features. As your landscape lighting is on for longer during the fall season, investigate the use of lower-cost LED lights to improve efficiency.

At Milosi, we love the fall season. Are you considering an outdoor living project to make your space cozier for year-round enjoyment? Talk to one of our designers about your ideas! Call us today: 615-239-6065.